Stepping-up for Dementia in Lockdown!

So its Lockdown #3…screaaaaam with frustration! But I’m not going to let it beat me, so I’m thinking positive and focusing on what I can do to make the most of this time and make a difference.

The past few months have been tough for everyone, but coronavirus has hit those affected by dementia the hardest and continues to disrupt lives.

So while the salon is closed for yet another Lockdown, I’ll be lacing up my trainers and braving the cold to ‘Step up for Dementia’ – raising money for the wonderful charity Alzheimer’s Society.

Let’s get walking!

It’s going to be a challenge!

Now I am not much of a ‘going for a walk’ person, so this will be a real challenge for me, but I’m ready!

Why the Alzheimer’s Society?

As most of you will know I have my own charity too, Apna Alzheimer’s Association, so you may be wondering why I’m not raising funds for my own charity? The answer to that is simple; the Alzheimer’s Society have been, and continue to be an amazing support system to us. They work in association with us, so if I have the opportunity to help them then of course I will. So here goes!

Please support me

Please donate to support me and ensure Alzheimer’s Society can be there for the people who need them most. I have set myself a goal of raising £200 and would really appreciate your support. Even a £1 donation helps immensely.


We’re off to a great start –

150,000 steps already!

Catching up with friends and family whilst walking is the best part of this challenge!

Now its time to start thinking what will I be up to next month…any suggestions?